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How do nanomaterials get into wastewater? What happens to nanomaterials in wastewater treatment plants? The new article about “Nanomaterials in the wastewater treatment plant” gives you an overview about the removal of nanomaterials in wastewater treatment plant.
 A study commissioned by the EU nanomaterials observatory (EUON) has found that the current EU regulatory framework for characterising and identifying “next generation” nanomaterials is able to address the majority of them and that no significant changes will be needed in the near future. BackgroundMember States voted to revise the REACH annexes to include specific information requirements for nanomaterials manufactured or imported on the EU market in quantities above one tonne. The new requirements apply from 1 January 2020 and will enable companies and authorities to...

FFF-MS workshop
Analytical tools in life sciencesEngineered nanomaterials are subject of intense research since several years - nanoanalytical tools are mainly based on fractionation techniques such as FFF, HDC and CE coupled on-line with ICP-MS. Nowadays imaging techniques gain importance in life-science, e.g. for the application of nanomaterials or the analysis of single-cells.Thus, the 7th Workshop on Field Flow Fractionation and Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS) will focus on the application of nanomaterials in life science and environmental technology and the applicability of nanoanalytical tools in these...

Book Ecotoxicology of Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems
The book which includes one chapter written by members of the DaNa-Project was published at CRC Press. The content is summarized as “The use of nanoparticles in medicine, industrial, and other applications has triggered an interest in their potential. This book explores the use of nanoparticles related to their occurrence in the environment, their impact on biota in aquatic systems, application of new methodologies, and changes associated with new global scenarios. The book also covers the bioaccumulation and internalization of nanoparticles as key aspects to assess their uptake and...


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